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From work, to children, to friends, the average American's life is filled with things to do - and cleaning the bathroom.... Probably comes under grocery shopping and picking up the kids from school. If you need detailed residential cleaning that will provide the same level of cleanliness as Cinderella, and give you the Mr. Clean shine turn to Big Sky Cleaning Services.

You should feel safe in your home. If your surfaces are dirty, you can bet they're also germy, putting you at risk of all kinds of health problems. Call on Big Sky Cleaning Services for residential cleaning services, and put your mind at ease.

Our dedicated crew can disinfect every surface in your home. From bathrooms and bedrooms to the kitchen and basement, we've got the supplies and techniques needed to clean your home thoroughly.

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Our Residential Cleaning Services

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Your home is unique. It may be a mansion or a hovel, updated or antique, filled with people and pets or as empty as the cookie jar in your pantry. With each difference, the cleaning needs of your home change too, and our staff here at Big Sky Cleaning Services are highly trained and dedicated to meet your needs.

  • Are your floors, counter tops, or furniture dull & just need a little TLC? Don't Worry! We have you covered!
  • Do you need a deep clean SANITIZING every surface possible with the BEST disinfectants? You can count on us!
  • Allergy concerns? NO PROBLEM!! We will set you up on a routine clean.
  • Do your fur babies need some help with their ca-mode? We are here to help!
  • Are you seeking a cleaning company that will take care of your home with the same level of care as you would? THAT'S OUR MISSION!

We at Big Sky Cleaning Services are dedicated to our local community — we’ll even help you create a personalized cleaning plan that is tailored to your home, needs, and budget. Big Sky Cleaning Services offers routine residential cleaning services. We can clean your home on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Our services can be scheduled by the hour to best fit your needs.


Make us your preferred residential cleaners in the Billings, MT area. Call 406-690-7054 today to arrange for a home cleaning service.